Bizarre Foods America: Austin Pictures

Go behind the scenes with Andrew Zimmern as he visits Austin, TX, for food-truck heaven, pork, pig brains … and target practice.
Episode: Austin

Andrew Zimmern sits down to eat with the Bonneau family and employees of Countryside Family Farm in Bastrop, TX, about 30 miles southeast of Austin.

Sebastien Bonneu plucks a pigeon for dinner at his farm outside of Austin.

Smitty's Pit boss John Fullilove and Andrew Zimmern look on as a Smitty's employee checks meat on a barbecue smoker.

Andrew Zimmern's bacon-wrapped jalapenos are stuffed with bits of venison kidney, liver and heart.

Andrew poses for a quick shot in the dining room at Lamberts.

Venison heart tartare with egg confit at Foreign & Domestic restaurant.

Andrew Zimmern talks with Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic, while Austin nightclub entrepreneur Bridget Dunlap looks on.

Pigs' brains and huckleberries at Foreign & Domestic in Austin.

Ox tongue sliders at Contigo Austin restaurant.

Andrew Zimmern takes target practice before a hunt at the Broken Arrow Ranch.

The Bizarre Foods crew shoots Andrew Zimmern outside the Pig Vicious food trailer.

Andrew Zimmern orders a Mother Clucker (fried chicken strip with honey butter) and Cherry Bombs (glazed cherry topped holes, cinnamon, sugar and cake mix topping) from Gourdough’s trailer in Austin.

Roasted quail at a farm lunch at Broken Arrow Ranch.

Peanut butter monkey pig sandwich, sausage mac and cheese, and a bacon shake at Pig Vicious food truck.

Cherry Bombs from Gourdough's.

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