Bizarre Foods America: Birmingham, AL, Pictures

Unique ideas, big flavors and bold chefs are putting Birmingham, AL, on the culinary map, from a progressive chef using pig skin to make Chinese noodles to scientists creating a sweeter sea urchin.
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Bucket of blood in Birmingham, AL

This bucket holds the key ingredient for a blood sausage that Andrew will make with chef Donald Link, whose restaurant Cochon was named Best New Restaurant in 2007 by the James Beard Foundation.

Dungeness crab at Red Pearl Restaurant in AL

Salt-encrusted Dungeness crab fresh from the deep fryer at Red Pearl Restaurant, located in the Super Oriental Market, just outside of Birmingham, AL.

Farm-raised sea urchin in Alabama

The only farm-raised urchin currently available in the United States hails from Birmingham, AL, and Andrew has to have a taste.

Andrew Zimmern with bullfrog in Birmingham, AL

Andrew with a bullfrog before it hits the plate at the Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, AL.

Food from Shindigs Food Truck in Birmingham, AL

Customers at Shindigs, a local food truck that serves up dishes with an international flare, like pork belly or fried catfish on steamed Asian buns.

Andrew Zimmern eats pulled pork sandwich in Alabama

This is how they do a pulled pork sandwich in Birmingham, AL!

Pig-skin noodles at Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, AL

The Asian-inspired pig skin noodle bowl at Hot and Hot Fish Club, layered with blue crab, frog legs, snapper throat and freshly wilted tatsoi.

Bobwhite quail at Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, AL

Chef Chris Hastings' rustic preparation of bobwhite quail with heirloom sweet potatoes and forcemeat-filled ravioli, dressed in a blood sauce at Hot and Hot Fish Club.

Filming Bizarre Foods America at The Fish Market in Birmingham, AL

Our cameraman gets a quick steam bath without missing the action in the kitchen at The Fish Market in Birmingham, AL.

Fried calamari at The Fish Market in Birmingham, AL

George Sarris of The Fish Market serves fried calamari to his special Thursday night dinner guests, before hitting them with less familiar fare like Greek-style goat soup called "vrasti yida."

Andrew Zimmern and Miss Myra at Miss Myra's in Birmingham, AL

Andrew gives his compliments to Myra Harper Grissom, who's been serving up stellar barbecue at Miss Myra's Pit Bar-B-Q since 1985.

Andrew Zimmern and Donald Link at Bodnar Farm in AL

Andrew and chef Donald Link set up shop in the barn at the Bodnar Farm to prepare fresh blood sausage.

Ribs, sausage and pork on the grill at Bodnar Farm

Ribs, sausages and pork shoulder sizzle on the grill at the Bodnar Farm.

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