Bizarre Foods America: Charleston Pictures

View behind-the-scenes photos from the Charleston episode of Bizarre Foods America, including pictures of McCrady's restaurant, Scott's BBQ, Chef Sean Brock, a chicken feet dish and an Ossabaw pig.
Episode: Charleston

Andrew picks collard greens with Melvin Green in Awendaw, SC.

Take a look at this close-up view of chicken feet and potatoes made at Miriam Green’s home in Awendaw, a few minutes outside of Charleston, SC.

These pig ears are ready to slice and fry to make Chef Sean Brock's spicy pig ear lettuce wraps.

In Charleston, Andrew poses for a picture with Chef Sean Brock in the kitchen of McCrady's restaurant.

Andrew takes a photo with the head of an Ossabaw pig in the kitchen of McCrady's Restaurant.

Charleston Chef Sean Brock grows these fresh herbs and flowers to use in his dishes.

These lamb hearts, butterflied and marinated, are ready to grill in McCrady's kitchen.

Andrew chats with Peter Kornack, the owner of the T.W. Graham & Company Seafood Restaurant in McClellanville, SC.

Andrew and Jeff Massey talk oysters at Livingston's Bulls Bay Seafood in McClellanville, SC.

Andrew t joins Jeff Massey, from Livingston's Bulls Bay Seafood, for a boat excursion to go clamming.

Here’s a few clams harvested in Jeremy's Creek in McClellanville.

Yum, it’s pulled pork meat sizzling over a fire in the pit room at Scott's BBQ, located in Hemingway, SC.

Taste real Carolina-barbecued pork at family-owned Scott's BBQ in Hemingway, SC.

Andrew hangs out with Rodney Scott, the owner of Scott's BBQ.

Andrew uses a 10-lb., custom-made ax to chop wood at Scott's BBQ.

Charleston local, Janet Hopkins, and Andrew Zimmern sit down to eat huguenot torte, a dessert.

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