Bizarre Foods America: Denver Pictures

Andrew Zimmern visits Denver for deep-fried Rocky Mountain oysters in a biker bar, pheasant cooked over an open flame and ant larvae beignets in a fine restaurant.
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Master falconer Deanna Curtis instructs Andrew on how to hold Karma, a red-tailed hawk.

Look ma, no pellets! The ancient art of falconry is alive and well in Colorado.

A juicy shot of fresh pheasant and sage grouse breasts.

Prime cuts of buffalo, yak and elk at The Buckhorn Exchange, the oldest restaurant in Denver.

A shot of little calf ball nuggets (aka Rocky Mountain oysters) that have been simmered and are now ready for their final preparation at Euclid Hall.

Andrew poses with some of the staff at Parallel 17.

A bowl of baby water crabs with edible shells to be served in the Tum Yum Talay Vietnamese soup for the Denver Adventurous Eaters Club Dinner at Parallel 17.

Andrew bonds with Continental Sausage makers over their game-meat combination of rabbit, antelope and cherries.

Tom Yum Talay plates prepped with baby octopus, baby water crabs, fish eggs, shrimp, mussels, mushrooms, tomatoes and basil seed.

Andrew behind home plate in search of a brave soul to eat fried Rocky Mountain oysters with him.

"We love them!" Colorado natives dig into Andrew's basket of Rocky Mountain oysters.

Summer rolls, not to be confused with spring rolls, made with vegetables and rice paper.

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