Bizarre Foods America: Houston Pictures

From the range to coastal waters, Houston is a diverse city bursting with a mix of flavors. Andrew gets a taste of Texas in roasted buffalo, raw trash fish and Viet-Cajun crawfish.
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Bryan Caswell, chef at Houston's Reef, and his hunting buddy, Tucker Knight, take Andrew out for his first "blast and cast," hunting in the morning and fishing in the evening.

A successful morning duck hunting on Oyster Bayou, outside of Houston.

Fresh, boneless duck breasts, courtesy of Oyster Bayou.

Andrew and PJ Stoops, a Texas bycatch broker, sort through the junk fish most captains can't sell.

Bycatch hung out to dry in PJ Stoops' backyard.

A New York Giants fan sticks out like a sore thumb at a Houston Texans game.

Andrew meets Chris Shepherd, chef at Houston’s Underbelly, outside of Reliant Stadium for some of the best tailgate eating in the NFL.

Chef Chris Shepherd's smoked buffalo stays juicy because he injects it with bone marrow.

At Underbelly, chef Chris Shepherd serves wagyu beef skirt steak with sweet potato noodles and a cold-boiled egg.

One of Reliant Stadium's main tailgating attractions is Pitmaker's beef barbacoa, featuring roasted steer head.

Chef Bryan Caswell's dirty rice incorporates duck offal to create an explosion of flavor.

Andrew digs into the famous Viet-Cajun crawfish at Crawfish & Noodles, a Texas-Vietnamese fusion restaurant.

Each serving of blue crab and crawfish at Crawfish & Noodles is made to order, starting with live crustaceans.

Andrew enjoys a hearty meal with Sharan Gahunia, whose parents opened an Indian bakery, Raja Sweets, more than 25 years ago in what's now known as Houston's Mahatma Gandhi District.

Fried cauliflower pieces to be soaked in curry sauce for a decadent dish found at Raja Sweets.

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