Bizarre Foods America: Iowa Pictures

Go behind the scenes with Andrew as he visits Iowa and finds out there's a lot more to America's heartland than just meat and potatoes on the table.

Andrew delights his palate with the deep-fried goodness of a giant breaded pork sandwich at B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli in Des Moines.

Andrew surveys the landscape at B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli.

Chopped up pig testicles taste better after soaking in Uncle Dale's nut brine.

This Iowa Swabian Hall pig seems to know it's cooked to perfection.

Andrew looks on as the porchetta is stuffed with sausage, pork loin and organ meat.

A close-up view of the newly stuffed, succulent porchetta.

Andrew dines with a local woman named Ekram, who organized this Sudanese feast at her church in Des Moines.

At the Sudanese feast, attendees were served raw sheep liver and stomach served cold.

An exterior shot of Polashek's Locker Service, an old-school meat market and custom processor located in Protivin, a city in northeast Iowa.

Andrew holds up a piece of house-made head cheese at Polashek's Locker Service.

Snouts, tongues and cheeks. Oh my! These are the main ingredients in Polashek's signature Czech sausage.

Andrew witnesses the breakdown of a pig at Polashek's Locker Service.

Andrew watches as Herb Eckhouse rinses off hams at La Quercia, a maker of dry cured meats in Norwalk, a city in southern Iowa.

Berkshire vs. Tamworth: It's a prosciutto taste test at Iowa's La Quercia headquarters.

Andrew samples bacon at LA Quercia.

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