Bizarre Foods America: New Orleans Photos

Take a look at some of the tasty, bizarre dishes Andrew Zimmern ate while visiting New Orleans, on Bizarre Foods America.
Episode: New Orleans

Andrew and Lolis Elie try to soak up decades of cooking wisdom from Leah Chase, a Creole chef at Dooky Chase restaurant.

Make sure you try Leah Chase’s delicious chicken Creole. It’s authentic Creole cooking at its best.

Here’s a snapshot of all the fixings for a Vietnamese fondue lunch, in New Orleans' Versailles neighborhood.

East meets South in a New Orleans’ Vietnamese market, where they sell boiled peanuts alongside Vietnamese lunch specials.

Andrew hangs out with Kermit Ruffins to watch him cook before his band's performance at Vaughan’s Lounge.

It may not look appetizing right now, but this pan of skinned Louisiana raccoon will soon be braised and smoked by jazz great Kermit Ruffins.

Andrew goes crawfish hunting in Bayou Pigeon.

Andrew goes to a Cajun crawfish boil. Rick Phillips, a local seafood processor in Bayou Pigeon, boiled these fresh Atchafalaya crawfish for Andrew to taste.

Braised rabbit and frog legs in sauce piquant are the stars at a Cajun country supper.

These are thick slices of ponce, a stuffed and smoked pig stomach. Now it just needs some gravy before Andrew digs in.

Try sweet potato pie with brûléed marshmallows at Mahoney's Po’ Boy Shop.

In the Treme neighborhood, Andrew eats fried chicken, red beans and rice and butter beans at Willie Mae's Scotch House.

A young alligator’s head, feet and all, will be turned into lunch, in a backyard cookout in Bayou Pigeon, LA.

A small paw is the only thing that won't be eaten from a whole-roasted alligator at a cookout in Cajun country.

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