Bizarre Foods America: Northern California

Go behind the scenes as Andrew Zimmern visits Northern California where people are reinventing food. Andrew samples grilled dove hearts, mutton testicles, monkeyface eel and more.
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Andrew Zimmern assists in applying the sugar coating on rotating Jelly Belly drums in Fairfield, CA.

A look at what appears to be endless rows of Jelly Belly jelly beans at the Fairfield factory.

Andrew and Jelly Belly executive vice chair Lisa Brasher smell the "essence" of Jelly Belly flavoring.

Andrew takes a break in front of a herd of 44 water buffalo in the hills outside of Petaluma, CA.

Andrew nearly avoids a goring from the alpha water buffalo female Gracie.

Andrew looks on as chefs Curtis di Fede and Tyler Rodde of Oenotri restaurant break down a freshly slaughtered mutton in Napa.

Fresh cuts of mutton at Oenotri restaurant.

Fresh mutton testicles ready to eat at Oenotri restaurant.

The Bizarre Foods crew braves the rocks for a morning of poke poling near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Andrew holds up a freshly caught monkeyface eel by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fresh fillets of monkeyface eel are grilled up and sliced.

Andrew and Tony Bugica, manager of Kick Ranch Vineyard in Sonoma County, sample sauvignon blanc grapes.

Andrew sneaks a taste of sauvignon blanc grapes at Kick Ranch.

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