Bizarre Foods America: NYC Overnight Pictures

Andrew Zimmern stays up all night in the city that never sleeps to uncover the secrets to feeding hungry New Yorkers. From the best places to grab a late night meal, to the markets and bakeries.

Photo By: Picasa

Photo By: Picasa

Photo By: Picasa

There are plenty of places in New York City’s Koreatown where the party never stops. Jay Oh runs his internet business on Korea time so he knows all the best places to grab a late night meal. He takes Andrew Zimmern to Kunjip, where soup is the house specialty.

At Kunjip Restaurant, Andrew enjoys the al chigae, a soup made with sacs of codfish roe, but he decides to pass on the budae chigae -- a stew made with hot dogs and Spam.

Andrew samples hot, fresh-baked bagels at New York's Davidovich Bakery.

Andrew and Montauk Fish Company's Jerry Phillips taste fresh, raw oysters at Hunts Point's Fulton Fish Market.

Andrew Zimmern grills fresh beef at his table at New Wonjo.

A beautifully crafted dish of Korean BBQ at New Wonjo.

Freshly baked pastries at Brooklyn's Hana Kitchens.

Andrew and local cabbie Melissa Plaut make a midnight visit to Zaragoza Mexican Deli Grocery where they sample tostadas with braised pigs' ears, menudo and cold chicken feet.

Zaragoza Mexican Deli Grocery's specialty chicken feet.

Andrew visits Fratelli's Pizza café, a local institution.

Fresh fish for sale at Hunts Point's Fulton Fish Market.

Andrew admires fresh meat at Hunts Point's Master Purveyors, where he gets to try a piece of their raw dry-aged beef.

The Empire State Building towers over the city that never sleeps as Andrew embarks on an overnight culinary tour.

Andrew and ACME Smoked Fish’s general manager Richard Schiff are excited about this piece of salmon.

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