Bizarre Foods America: Queens, NY, Pictures

Andrew takes a world food tour of Queens, NY, one of New York's most ethnically diverse boroughs. From Bukharian bread to Nepalese grilled goat stomach, Queens is home to a melting pot of flavors.
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Andrew Zimmern with suckling pig

Andrew Zimmern acquaints himself with a fresh suckling pig before it hits the oven at Muncan Food Corporation, in Queens, NY.

Deep-fried cod, a Bukharian dish

Deep-fried female cod is part of a traditional Bukharian feast in Rego Park, in Queens, NY. This dish traveled to Queens with Burkharian Jews from Central Asia.

Andrew samples authentic Bukharian bread

Andrew samples authentic Bukharian bread with the owners of Rokhat Kosher Bakery in Rego Park, Queens.

Buffalo chicken feet at M. Wells Diner

Andrew says the buffalo chicken feet with maple syrup and pickled celery, prepared by chef Hugue Dufour, at M. Wells Dinette in Long Island City, NY, is spectacular.

Andrew Zimern at Muncan Food Corporation

The craft of Romanian meat handling has been passed down over 3 generations at Muncan Food Corporation. Andrew chats with 2 of the 3 generations running the Queens institution.

Beef tongue at Phayul

Beef tongue and fresh chilies from Phayul, a Tibetan restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Andrew Zimmern at Golden Shopping Mall

Andrew has a passion for Chinese food, so he was happy to taste these dumplings at the Golden Shopping Mall in Flushing, NY, known for its authentic Asian fare.

Bone marrow soup at Golden Shopping Mall

A steaming bowl of bone marrow soup at the Golden Shopping Mall.

Nepalese appetizers at Tawa Food

Tiny Nepalese appetizers on display at Tawa Food, a hidden gem in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Andrew Zimmern with Lingbo Li

Andrew Zimmern catches up with food blogger Lingbo Li on a food tour through Flushing's Chinese neighborhoods.

Mung bean jelly at Fu Run restaurant

A plate of mung bean jelly, an Asian noodle dish, at Fu Run restaurant in Flushing, Queens.

Andrew Zimmern poses with cops in Queens

Andrew poses with the proud men and women working the beat in Corona, Queens.

Andrew Zimmern with Jason Wang at Xi'an Famous Foods

Andrew Zimmern and Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods sample the restaurant's newest creation – super-thin, very long longevity noodles.

Fresh lamb at Xi'an Famous Foods

This fresh lamb will be transformed by the genius cooking taking place at Xi'an Famous Foods in New York.

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