Bizarre Foods America: Rhode Island Pictures

In Rhode Island, Andrew tastes its Old World culture in Italian, Portuguese and fishing communities, while uncovering a modern world of food prepared by state-of-the art gadgetry.
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Andrew Zimmern with chicken

The chicken at Antonelli's Poultry Co., in Providence, RI, doesn’t get any fresher. Pick your live chicken today and have it for dinner tonight. It's the way Antonelli's has been doing it for 150 years.

Bacalhau, bits of salted cod

Bacalhau, bits of salted cod, has been the staple of Portuguese cuisine for about 500 years and is still eaten by Rhode Island's Portuguese community.

The Proud Mary fishing boat in Rhode Island

The Proud Mary, a family-owned fishing boat captained by Chris Brown, is filling an order for 1 ton of blue black Atlantic herring for a local Rhode Island restaurant.

Andrew Zimmern harvesting clams

Perry Raso, owner of Matunuck Oyster Bar and his own aquaculture farm in Rhode Island, gives Andrew a lesson in oyster and clam harvesting.

Andrew Zimmern at Venda Ravioli

Andrew chats with Alan Costantino, owner of Venda Ravioli, an Italian grocery and restaurant on Federal Hill in Providence, RI.

Andrew Zimmern at Portugalia

Comedian Derrick DeMelo takes Andrew on a tour of his Portuguese neighborhood and makes a stop at Portugalia, the local grocery store that makes Portuguese cooking possible in Fall River, MA, just outside of Providence, RI.

Grilled Mackarel

Chef Matt Jennings' grilled mackarel is covered in a blanket of miso garlic confit sauce and fresh greens.

Andrew Zimmern at Tony's Colonial

Tony and Gina Dicicco have been making and selling food at Tony's Colonial Foods, specializing in imported and domestic Italian foods in Providence, RI, since 1952.

Bomster Scallops

Andrew checks out a whole scallop in the shell at Bomster Scallops, harvested in Connecticut, just over the Rhode Island line.

Andrew Zimmern with sea robin

One man's "trash fish" is another man's treasure fish. The sea robin is definitely a treasure to Andrew and his friend, chef Matt Jennings.

Monkfish and ham

Chef T.J. Delle Donne, an instructor at the famed Johnson & Wales University culinary school in Providence, RI, shows Andrew how to prepare pieces of monkfish to be combined with strips of ham in order to create an entirely new kind of meat.

Andrew Zimmern at Johnson & Wales

Andrew and chef T.J. Delle Donne in the kitchen (or, is it a food science lab?) at Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts.

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