Bizarre Foods America: Savannah Pictures

Marsh hen hunting, Angel's BBQ, Daufuskie Island and Lady Chablis are just a few pictures taken during Andrew's trip to Savannah, GA.
Episode: Savannah
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Andrew poses for the camera while marsh hen hunting off the Atlantic coast near Savannah, GA.

Cameraman Dane Lawing and Andrew try to find the marsh hen that Andrew shot.

After hunting marsh hens, Andrew eats fried marsh hen outside of Savannah, GA.

This fresh octopus is about to be prepared to make a special dish at Gault Seafood in Beaufort, SC.

Here’s the finished product -- it’s a fresh octopus salad.

Andrew helps to grill fresh octopus at Gault Seafood.

Andrew and Savannah food writer, Tim Rutherford, sit down for a meal at Charlie Teeple's Seafood.

Andrew gets ready to sample the crab at Charlie Teeple's Seafood in Savannah, GA.

Is your mouth watering? These boiled crabs at Charlie Teeple's Seafood are ready to be eaten.

Sallie Ann Robinson, Andrew and Ella Mae Jenkins pose for a picture on Daufuskie Island, SC.

On Daufuskie Island, Andrew holds up a raccoon that Sallie Ann Robinson will skin for a tasty meal.

Sallie Ann Robinson prepares this pig's feet dish for Andrew.

Andrew and Savannah foodie, Tim Rutherford, eat a fried bologna sandwich at Angel's BBQ.

Andrew has breakfast with Savannah icon, The Lady Chablis, at Clary's Café.

Andrew visits the Congregation Bnai Brith Jacob to experience a Sukkot in Savannah.

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