Bizarre Foods America: St. Croix Pictures

St. Croix may be one of the lesser-known islands in the Caribbean, but Andrew learns that its local culture and unique foods are not to be missed, like shellfish liver and breadfruit tostones.
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Andrew Zimmern with cooks catch of the day with Thomas Daley in St. Croix

After spending the morning fishing, local captain Thomas Daley invites Andrew to his home to cook their fresh catch in his awesome backyard kitchen.

Shellfish cooking on a stove in St. Croix

Captain Daley's famous butter broth with shellfish cooks on the stove.

Andrew Zimmern holds shellfish in St. Croix

Andrew looks pretty excited about his lunch -- fresh-caught St. Croix shellfish.

Andrew Zimmern at food truck in St. Croix

Isaac and Claudette Thomas have been parking their food truck in front of St. Croix's Richmond power plant for over 25 years.

Kingfish stew from the Thomas food truck in St. Croix

A Thomas food truck specialty -- kingfish stew on top of spinach and okra with sweet potato droppers.

Andrew Zimmern at a baseball game in St. Croix

It's always fun to stop and catch a local ball game! Baseball teams, from all over the Caribbean, came to St. Croix for an inter-island tournament.

A Crucian prepares land crabs for a local dish

Local Crucian James “Pebbles” Rock makes sure that the backs of the land crabs are removed before adding them to rice and vegetables in a typical St. Croix dish.

Andrew Zimmern holds a land crab in St. Croix

Land crabs are a plentiful food source on St. Croix, but they have to be purged of the garbage they eat before serving. Look at how big they grow!

Andrew Zimmern herds cattle in St. Croix

The cowboys at Annaly Farms in St. Croix put Andrew to work right away, herding their own breed of cattle, Senepol, out in the pasture.

Puerto Rican pasteles in St. Croix

There is a large Puerto Rican community in St. Croix and they’ve brought a typical Puerto Rican dish with them -- homemade pasteles made with pork, green bananas and pumpkin.

Andrew Zimmern has a Puerto Rican meal in St. Croix

Andrew sits down with the Morales family of the St. Croix’s Villa Morales restaurant for a typical Puerto Rican meal of seasoned rice, pickled green bananas, stewed pigs feet, stewed goat, pastillas and breadfruit tostones.

Andrew Zimmern laughs with Crucian farmer

Andrew enjoys a laugh with Grantley Samuel, a Crucian farmer, who sells the fruit of the baobab tree.

Blood sausage from the Joe Can Cook food truck in St. Croix

Blood pudding, or blood sausage, is made in 3 varieties at the Joe Can Cook food truck.

Beef kabobs in St. Croix

The cowboy lunch at Annaly Farms consists of Senepol beef kabobs with veggies from their garden.

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