Bizarre Foods America: Tackle the Bizarre

On Bizarre Foods America, Andrew Zimmern tackles some of the most outrageous and delectably divine cuisine he's had on the show. Catch the season premiere Monday, Nov. 4, at 9|8c.

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Andrew Zimmern discovers why some Pittsburghers refer to catfish as "water pit bulls."

While in Pittsburgh, Andrew Zimmern samples a Braunschweiger, a smoked style of liverwurst, traditionally served on rye with mustard and onions. A holdover from the days when German immigrants first came to Pittsburgh, this sandwich is still popular all over town.

Goat is prepared for a variety of dishes for the dinner menu at Cure Restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Pig blood stew, fresh pig trotters and pork infused with lemongrass combine for a "light" lunch at New Jersey’s Legal Beans Café.

Andrew stands in the processing room of Lamonica Fine Foods in New Jersey. Every day thousands of pounds of fresh conch are steamed and processed through this facility.

Fresh algae grow in glass containers to feed the next generation of great American oysters, at New Jersey's Aquaculture Innovation Center.

Eel from Quebec is prepped before steaming in the kitchen at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse.

Andrew sits in awe of the massive lobster and crab “mountain” served up at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse, a Chinese seafood restaurant located in suburban Markham, Ontario.

Chef Jesse Grasso (left) holds up a horse heart at The Black Hoof in Toronto.

In some parts of Virginia, city pigeon is browned in butter and olive oil with salt, pepper, and tarragon, and finished with a reduction of sauteed onions, celery leaf, tarragon, red wine and a touch of honey.

Sam Edwards describes the various hams that Andrew will taste at Edwards & Sons in Surry, VA.

Andrew gets buried in crocker fish while fishing for cownose ray in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay.

Steaks, as fresh as they come, at Certified Angus Beef in Cleveland.

House-made souse from Cleveland-area icon Ray's Sausage.

Farmer Lee Jones and Andrew walk among the leafy greens grown at The Chef's Garden near Cleveland.

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