Bizarre Foods America: The Ozarks Pictures

Go behind the scenes with Andrew Zimmern as he visits the Ozarks, a territory spanning parts of Arkansas and Missouri that combines old traditions with new ones.

Andrew Zimmern with Phyllis Speer, who is proud to be known throughout the Ozarks as the "Redneck Martha Stewart."

Crow and jalapeno wrapped in bacon, rolled in brown sugar and dipped in soy sauce before grilling in Gravette, AR.

Among the bacon-wrapped crow and jalapeno bites are pieces of "unadulterated" crow, simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

Andrew with Tony Kildow, who is not only an experienced rabbit hunter but the director of the Professional Kennel Club, Beagle Division, in Mena, AR.

Andrew listens to the sounds of the beagles in the distance as they chase the rabbits on the run.

Skinned rabbit legs and backstraps awaiting the fryer in Maysville, AR.

Delicious fried rabbit in Maysville, AR.

Andrew's holding a gig -- a 15-foot pole with a 3-pronged steel tip, used to spear bottom feeder fish in the Elk River in Noel, MO.

An assortment of hog suckers, redhorse and suckerfish caught in the Elk River.

Andrew samples Stephen Tolbert and Justin Good's Hiwassee Head Cheese Balls, made with squirrel brains, cream cheese and filo dough in Bentonville, AR.

Fried biscuits with potatoes and onions.

Arkansas native Clay Newcomb and Andrew prepare to make cracklings out of the skin of a bear that was recently caught in Mena, AR. First step: Remove the fur.

Whole-roasted catfish topped with onions and peanuts. The fresh catfish was caught on the Arkansas River outside of Sallisaw, OK.

Cleaned and skinned Arkansas catfish heads ready for a traditional Vietnamese fish head soup.

Andrew enjoys a wholesome, Vietnamese feast in the Ozarks, courtesy of the Phan family.

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