Bizarre Foods America: Twin Cities Photos

View photos of Andrew Zimmern from the Twin Cities episode of Bizarre Foods America.
Episode: Twin Cities
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Andrew shows off a pea and watercress puree, which is part of his Offal hotdish.

Check out Andrew's Offal hotdish creation, served as a special at Haute Dish in Minneapolis, MN. This hotdish is made with stewed liver, pig uterus, and pig intestines as the bottom layer. Pureed watercress and English peas is the second layer, topped with a few tater tots.

Andrew prepares to go bow fishing for carp at Big Marine Lake, located in Marine on St. Croix, MN.

Andrew hangs out with bow fishermen Patrick Kirschbaum and Carl Sassen, who show off their big catch.

Take a look at this dish made with kidney terrine, smoked raisin puree and sour cream.

After bow fishing on Big Marine Lake, Andrew, with help from local fishermen, prepares smoked carp.

This is Andrew's favorite dish at Tilia, a rest in Minneapolis. It’s shrimp with spring peas, spicy scampi sauce and grilled scallion.

Take a look another dish from Tilia. It’s a delicious beet salad with baby totsoi, pickled carrots, red onion, toasted sesame and yuzu vinaigrette.

Looking for a hot dog with a twist? Andrew tastes a BLT dog at Tilia.

Andrew takes a tour of the Hmongtown Market in St. Paul, MN to sample food including some of this Southeast Asian produce.

Ying Xiong, the General Manager of Hmongtown Market, poses for a photo.

Pick up some crispy pork intestines with black rice at St. Paul’s Hmongtown Market.

At Haute Dish restaurant, Andrew samples this amuse-bouche course, grilled goat kidney served with salad of mushroom, lemon, olive oil and celery.

Andrew tries hotdish-on-a-stick at a Hotdish Cook-Off and Jell-O Salad Contest, held at the Ballentine VFW in Minneapolis.

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