Bizarre Foods America: Virginia: Cicadas & Cownose

Go behind the scenes with Andrew Zimmern as he travels to Virginia to sample mystery snails, Brood II cicadas and the "other, other" red meat -- the Chesapeake cownose ray.
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Andrew Zimmern holds out an invasive Chinese mystery snail collected from Totier Creek in Scottsville, VA.

Andrew Zimmern and invasive species hunter Jackson Landers look for city pigeons in Charlottesville, VA.

Andrew Zimmern and Jackson Landers return to shore with a bucket of Chinese mystery snails as cameras roll in Virginia's Totier Creek.

Invasive Chinese mystery snails sautéed in butter and olive oil with chili flakes, salt, pepper and tarragon.

Crispy Brood II cicadas battered in a buttermilk, rice flour and all-purpose flour combo, then fried into a tasty snack.

Jackson Landers cleans a city pigeon caught in Charlottesville, VA.

City pigeon browned in butter and olive oil with salt, pepper and tarragon, and then finished with a reduction of sauteed onions, celery leaf, tarragon, red wine and a touch of honey.

Andrew Zimmern stands next to Surryano hams in their last stage of aging at Edwards & Sons in Surry, VA.

Andrew Zimmern walks with Lt. Erin Walsh and Commissaryman Second Class Donald Banks onboard the USS Arlington in Norfolk, VA.

Andrew Zimmern gets ready to eat his Burger Wednesday meal in the mess hall of the USS Arlington.

Szechuan pork sausage, stir-fried with hot pepper, Szechuan peppercorn, scallion and cilantro at Peter Chang China Café in Short Pump, VA.

Andrew Zimmern digs into pork belly on a hot-iron plate as minced rice hits the table at Peter Chang China Café in Short Pump, VA.

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