Bizarre Foods America: Washington, DC Pictures

Andrew is in the nation's capital where he samples the unexpected: Blackened snakehead sandwiches, peanut butter with foie gras, scrapple at a neighborhood grill, and savory dishes from food trucks.
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Andrew Zimmern eats a Ben's Chili Dog in Washington DC

Andrew Zimmern digs into an out-of-this-world, delicious chili dog at Ben's Chili Bowl on DC's famous U Street.

A close-up photo of vermicelli and parmesan pudding in Washington DC

Going back in time, Andrew visits America Eats Tavern, a pop-restaurant that was organized by restaurateur and chef Jose Andres and ended its year-long run on July 4, 2012. Andrew tried the vermicelli and parmesan pudding (circa 1802 Philadelphia), a forerunner to today's macaroni and cheese.

Andrew Zimmern looks at a garfish in Washington DC

Andrew inspects a garfish at ProFish, a seafood distributor in DC.

Andrew Zimmern samples snakehead fish in Washington DC

Come lunchtime, Andrew tries a Potomac River staple: snakehead. The snakehead is caught, cleaned, prepped and then distributed for sale at ProFish seafood distributor.

Andrew Zimmern samples a crispy snakehead with Thai curry sauce in Washington, DC

Andrew talks snakeheads and more while sampling a crispy snakehead with Thai curry sauce at The Source restaurant.

Close-up photo of a snakehead fish in Washington DC

The raw, freshly caught snakehead in "all its glory" as it's prepped for selling and eating.

Close-up photo of Tea-smoked snakehead in Washington DC at The Source restaurant

Tea-smoked snakehead with squid-flavored, crispy tofu skin at The Source restaurant.

Jose Andres drinks beer at Jaleo in Washington, DC

Jose Andres drinking beer in a traditional Spanish way next to Andrew at Jaleo restaurant.

Andrew Zimmern harvests plants at Common Good City Farm in Washington DC

Andrew assists in harvesting greens at Common Good City Farm in DC's LeDroit Park.

Kosher soul rolls from Common Good City Farm in Washington DC

Kosher soul rolls at Common Good City Farm, an urban farm for low-income residents in DC.

Andrew Zimmern tries a snakehead fish sandwich in Washington DC

Andrew samples a blackened snakehead sandwich made with fresh-caught snakehead on the Potomac River.

Andrew Zimmern attends church at Medhane Alem Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Washington DC

Andrew takes in another side of Washington, DC, at Medhane Alem Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Close-up of pupusas at La Chiquita in Maryland

Salvadoran pupusas at La Chiquita restaurant in nearby Takoma Park, MD.

Andrew Zimmern eats paella at Jaleo in Washington DC

Andrew and chef Jose Andres share a giant pan of paella, a traditional Spanish dish of meat, rice and sauce, at Jaleo.

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