Bizarre Foods: Faroe Islands Pictures

Andrew Zimmern travels to the Faroe Islands, a mysterious Nordic wonderland. Go behind the scenes with Andrew to get his take on the food, people and amazing culture of the Faroe Islands.
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Faroe Island Langoustines

The finest langoustines in the world come out of the waters around the Faroe Islands.

Dried Cod Head in Faroe Islands

Dried cod head that will be boiled down and served in a soup with carrots and horse mussels.

Beauty of the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands offer some of the finest views and most unusual architecture in all of Scandinavia.

"In the windswept village of Gásadalur, the turnips come out of the ground tasting like pears. I kid you not!" - Andrew Zimmern

Cutlery in the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands food scientist Leif Sørensen has good taste when it comes to his cutlery.

Homemade Faroese Seafood

"My crew and I chowing down on some insane Faroese seafood at a dinner party at Marni Simonsen's house." - Andrew Zimmern

Langoustine Love in the Faroe Islands

"I got a little face time with the most prized, delicate and expensive langoustines on the planet." - Andrew Zimmern

Wetsuit Ready for Faroe Island Waters

Brrrr! A specialized rubber dry suit is a necessity when diving for horse mussels in the Faroe Islands.

Patrolling the Waters of Hvannasund

Patrolling the waters near Hvannasund in the Faroe Islands. 

Heading Out to Sea

"We all head to sea on a hunt for fulmar, a small young gull that the Faroese find pretty darn tasty. I agree." - Andrew Zimmern

Fulmar for a Traditional Faroese Supper

"This fulmar is the main dish in a traditional Faroese boiled supper that dates back centuries." - Andrew Zimmern

Fresh Fulmar Plucking

"After a morning at sea, I got a lesson in fresh fulmar plucking from local fisherman Martin Simonsen." - Andrew Zimmern

Dumplings and Potatoes

Bread dumplings and potatoes join a plate of salted, boiled fulmar.

Fermented Lamb's Head

"Yup, that's a freshly torched, fermented lamb's head to be boiled and eaten at Bara Joenson’s house." - Andrew Zimmern

Fermented Lamb's Head

Boiled lamb's head and organs for a family meal at the Joenson home in Gøta.

Joenson Family Meal with Andrew Zimmern

"That’s me and a boiled lamb's head with 2 generations of the Joenson family." - Andrew Zimmern

Village of Hvannasund

The strait near the picturesque village of Hvannasund.

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