Bizarre Foods: Ho Chi Minh City Pictures

Andrew Zimmern travels to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where the city’s streets come alive with food vendors. Go behind the scenes with Andrew and get his take on the city.

Selfie in Ho Chi Minh City

Just a little selfie with my unsure friend Kikki Le as we consider our next meal: rice field rat.

Clearing the Rice Fields

Outside of Ho Chi Minh City, 2 rice farmers clear the land before we hunt for rice field rats.

Prized Possession

One of the rice farmers, just outside of Ho Chi Minh City, is showing off his catch.

Rat Meat on the Grill

This grill might look rudimentary, but it definitely gets the job done. That lemongrass spear isn't just a garnish - it's the tool used to baste the rat meat.

Pig Brain Soup

This fresh pig brain soup was being sold right on the street by one of Ho Chi Minh City's ubiquitous vendors.

Fresh Fish from the Mekong Delta

These dried fresh fish from the Mekong Delta are being sold at Ba Chieu Market. Impressed by how perfect each little fish was prepped, cleaned and presented for sale.

The Old & New Ho Chi Minh City

The old meets the new as a soaring skyscraper takes over the Ho Chi Minh City skyline.

Bahn da Lon

My new friend Sinh Nguyen's favorite food is bahn da lon, a sweet treat made from mung bean paste, rice flour, coconut milk and sugar.

Herbs & Spices at Cho Ben Thanh Market

Cho Ben Thanh Market is a one-stop shop. You can find virtually anything you need including dozens and dozens of dry goods like these herbs and spices

Breakfast Rolls at Ba Chieu Market

The French influence lives on in Ho Chi Minh City with these perfectly crafted breakfast rolls sold outside Ba Chieu Market.

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