Bizarre Foods: Newfoundland Pictures

Andrew Zimmern explores the easternmost part of North America in St. John's, Newfoundland. Go behind the scenes with Andrew to get his take on the food, people and amazing culture of Newfoundland.
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"A bowl of seal flipper meat at Mallard Cottage. Todd Perrin knows how to cook this stuff." - Andrew Zimmern

"Seal flipper and seal loin cuts ready for cooking." - Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern holds up a traditional Newfoundland handline reel and jig while fishing for cod in Petty Harbor.

Andrew Zimmern hoists a codfish he caught back on the dock at Petty Harbor, Newfoundland.

Bread puddings (bottom left), carrots (top left), salt beef (top middle), roast beef (bottom right) and turnips (far right) make up some of the elements of a traditional Newfoundland Jiggs dinner.

Andrew Zimmern hugs Caroline Wilson as they share a traditional Jiggs dinner with her brother Junior Loveman (right), nephew Jeremy Loveman (back) and friend John Green (left).

Andrew Zimmern holds homemade ugly sticks, which are used to make traditional folk music in Newfoundland.

Andrew Zimmern talks seafood with chef Jeremy Charles aboard a dive vessel in Conception Bay.

"Wild rabbit prepared by Raymonds chef Jeremy Charles." - Andrew Zimmern

"Diver Shawn During (center) cracks open a giant sea scallop for chef Jeremy Charles and me — easily the best scallop I've ever eaten." - Andrew Zimmern

"That's me peeking inside the massive shell of a sea scallop on Conception Bay." - Andrew Zimmern

"Chef Todd Perrin shows me how he prepares a seal flipper at his restaurant, Mallard Cottage in Newfoundland." - Andrew Zimmern

"Look at that amazingly rich cut of seal meat! Super-fresh. Red is the color of flavor!" - Andrew Zimmern

"Hog quarters hang in the walk-in refrigerator at chef Todd Perrin's Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi Village, Newfoundland." - Andrew Zimmern

"I'm separating rabbit meat from the bone to make pot pies alongside Bidgood's employee Kristina Squires as manager Leslie Bidgood (far left) looks on." - Andrew Zimmern

"I'm holding on to filets of salted cod at the Bidgood's fish plant in Goulds, Newfoundland." - Andrew Zimmern

"That’s fresh gumdrop cake made by Bidgood's baker Marjorie Snelgrove." - Andrew Zimmern

"An expression of the sea floor on a plate at Raymonds Restaurant by chef Jeremy Charles." - Andrew Zimmern

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