Bizarre Foods: Panama Pictures

Andrew Zimmern heads to Panama City, Panama, one of the world's crossroads, for a Cantonese lunch, fried rice at Kwang Chow Restaurant and much more.

Fresh Pompano

Fresh fish brought in off the coast of Panama, like this pompano, is as good as eating gets.

Good Conversation on Taboga Island

Free diver Ishmael Hernandez, chef Maria de los Angeles and I discuss oyster expectations in the waters off Taboga Island.

Chicken-Foot Souse

Chicken-foot souse at Donde Ivan in the Rio Abajo area of Panama City.

Lunch With the Mayor

Lunch with the mayor at Donde Ivan.

Kwang Chow Restaurant

Fried rice at Kwang Chow Restaurant in Panama City.

Enjoying a Cantonese Lunch

Cantonese lunch with second-generation Chinese-Panamanian Emilio Ho at Kwang Chow Restaurant.

Sweet-and-Sour Pork With Green Peppers and Onions

Sweet-and-sour pork with green peppers and onions is served at Kwang Chow Chinese restaurant in Panama City's Barrio Chino neighborhood.

Beautiful Panama Bay

Fishing boats bob in Panama Bay as skyscrapers tower in the background.

Sharing a Fruit Smoothie Aphrodisiac

Chef Maria de los Angeles and I share a fruit smoothie aphrodisiac.

Visit to Panama Gourmet

Chef Melissa de Leon at Panama Gourmet tries to convince me that gluten-free is the way to go.

Enjoying Lobster Ceviche

Lobster ceviche for lunch with Maria de los Angeles.

An Assortment of Cuisine From Donde Ivan

Iguana, 7-seafood soup, chicken-foot souse and salt cod fritters are served at Donde Ivan in Panama City's Rio Abajo neighborhood.

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