Bizarre Foods: San Antonio Pictures

Andrew Zimmern travels to San Antonio for a great time with the locals, all while indulging in Tex-Mex cuisine with a Southern style.

A Successful Quail Hunt

Andrew Zimmern shows off his freshly bagged quail in Texas Hill Country.

Texas Longhorns and Zebras

A herd of Texas longhorns and zebras roam the pastures of Koch Ranches outside San Antonio.

Highlandettes of Lake Highlands High School

Andrew and the Highlandettes of Lake Highlands High School in front of San Antonio's iconic Alamo, a former Roman Catholic mission and fortress.

The Alamo

The Bizarre Foods film crew shoots a scene in front of the Alamo, the iconic site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Que

Andrew makes a pit stop at Bill Miller Bar-B-Que, a popular establishment in San Antonio for brisket.

Cooking With Chef Johnny Hernandez

Andrew visits the home of chef Johnny Hernandez for some fresh grilled cecina tacos. Cecina is traditionally prepared with salt and dried by air, sun or smoking.

Man's Best Friend

Andrew meets a future quail-hunting dog in Texas Hill Country.

Coturnix Quail Eggs

Coturnix quail eggs, a Texas delicacy best sampled raw, from Diamond H Ranch.

Brotherly Love at Diamond H Ranch

Andrew receives a kiss for luck from quail purveyor Chris Hughes at Diamond H Ranch.

Beef Brain at Restaurant Gwendolyn

Andrew looks on as chef Michael Sohocki prepares ingredients for beef brain foie gras at Restaurant Gwendolyn.

Meat of El Machito

Chicken and goat skewered over an open fire at San Antonio's El Machito.

Sampling Goat Innards at El Machito

Andrew prepares to sample grilled goat innards at Johnny Hernandez's restaurant El Machito.

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