Bizarre Foods America: Colombia Pictures

Travel to exotic Cartagena, Colombia where Andrew Zimmern gets a taste of caiman, capybara and more.
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Andrew Zimmern helps a local fisherman pull up his nets off the coast of Bocachica in Colombia.

Andrew holds a live caiman - a cousin to the alligator - caught in the remote village of Gambote.

After killing, the skin of a caiman can be very useful in Gambote.

Andrew and local guide Rainbow Nelson watch as locals skin a capybara -- the largest rodent in the world -- at El Cochi.

A skinned ñeque rat is one of the many foods for sale at Bazurto Market -- in Cartagena’s central, open-air market.

Andrew gets friendly with dinner: a super-sized jungle rat at Bazurto Market.

The money stand: This vendor at Bazurto Market sells testicles, eyeballs, intestines, hearts and livers.

Andrew appreciates the primal style of cooking at El Rancho Llanero -- simple skewered slabs of meat cooked over an open fire on the side of the road.

A roasted armadillo sits on the table at El Cochi.

Ñeque (capybara) cooks on the grill at El Cochi.

Andrew pours local guide Rainbow Nelson a generous helping of Palenque's "medicinal tonic."

Andrew soaks in the sensational views of Cartagena from the top of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a colonial Spanish fortress built in 1536.

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