Bizarre Foods America: Vancouver Pictures

Go behind the scenes as Andrew Zimmern explores Vancouver for its abundance of fresh food: box crab, bull kelp, blood sausage and more. Plus see his exclusive tour of a tuna cannery.
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Andrew Zimmern can't hide his amusement in seeing his first box crab in Vancouver.

Andrew Zimmern and chef Tojo's parents never taught them not to play with their seafood.

Fresh tentacles are tossed on a sizzling grill at the Richmond Night Market in Vancouver.

Andrew Zimmern prepares to eat Chef Tojo's chilled dungeness crab salad, which is served with mustard dressing and white miso.

Kim Stockburn, brand manager for Raincoast Trading Tuna Cannery, gives host and chef Andrew Zimmern the rundown on the tuna cannery process.

Cans of top-notch tuna cycle through the cannery process at Raincoast Trading Tuna.

This little piggy went to my stomach … Andrew Zimmern marvels at the blood sausage process at Oyama Sausage.

This steamed pig's head will be turned into blood sausage at Oyama Sausage.

Andrew Zimmern and Oyama owner John van der Lieck sample Oyama's boudin noir with apples.

Just 7 miles from downtown Vancouver, Andrew Zimmern and the crew at Organic Ocean catch spot prawns against a magnificent Vancouver background.

Mikuni owner Tyler Gray shows Andrew Zimmern a tiny piece of wild bull kelp foraged near Lions Gate Bridge.

Andrew Zimmern boards a Harbour Air seaplane on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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