Booze Traveler: Belize Pictures

As Jack explores the many drinks Belize has to offer, he finds that the rugged Central American paradise has attracted people from all over the world.
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Here's to Belize!

After stopping in to sample the tripe soup, Jack toasts his driver outside of Sarita's place.

Placencia Peninsula

Placencia Peninsula is home to the longest stretch of beach in mainland Belize, which offers more than 12 miles of pristine beaches.

Filming in the Water

While standing in the clear ocean water, Jack stops to talk to the camera crew about certain shot ideas.

Seaweed Smoothie

After collecting ingredients from Placencia Peninsula, Jack blends a seaweed smoothie.

Drinking Mondongo

Jack and Sarita sit at a table with mondongo, the tripe soup hangover cure that her restaurant is known for.

Charlie Belgrove’s Winery

Stop at Charlie Belgrove’s Winery in the Belize River valley. An unusual type of winery, the fanciest machinery Charlie uses for making his wines is a grater.

Making Chocolate Wine

With Eladio's help, Jack mixes up a batch of cacao wine.

Looking for Sugarcane

Jack and Krishna venture into the jungle to cut sugarcane for hangover remedies.

Belize City Carnival

Jack attends the Belize City Carnival, a festival that closes out weeks of parties celebrating the country’s independence and culture.

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