Booze Traveler: Japan Pictures

Amid a culture of honor, family and strict order, Jack takes his travels to Japan where drinking provides a balance to Japanese lifestyle and an outlet for people to relax.
Episode: Japan Uncorked
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Jack Travels to Japan

Jack Maxwell takes his booze travels to Japan, a country that has a reputation for being a little unconventional when it comes to alcohol.

Cartoon Jack

While in a small shop in Japan, Jack gets a caricature done of himself with the title of the show Booze Traveler written in Japanese.

Inside a Sake Factory

Dressed in traditional Japanese garb, Jack lies down on a bunk inside a sake factory.

Learning the Basics

Jack learns the basics of sumo wrestling at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall, an indoor sporting arena in the Sumida district of Tokyo.

Sumo Wrestling

Jack preps for his first real sumo-wrestling match.

Bar High Five

Jack stops by Bar High Five to taste a drink made by legendary Japanese bartender Hidetsugu Ueno.

Sake, Sake, Sake

Jack is served numerous types of sake at a restaurant outside Osaka, Japan

Otaue Rice Planting Festival

Jack and his guide plant rice at the Otaue Rice Planting Festival, an annual celebration that involves praying, singing and dancing while new crops are planted.

Swimming in Wine

During one of the more interesting experiences of the trip, Jack and several Japanese locals hop into a wine-filled pool.

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