Burger Land: Carolina Style Burgers Pictures

George travels to Charlotte, NC, to sample different types of “Carolina-style” burgers with roots in Southern barbecue cuisine.
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George Motz enjoys a “Big Block Burger” at the counter of the Diamond Restaurant in Charlotte, NC.

The “All The Way” cheeseburger at Brooks' Sandwich House is topped with chili made from a 40-year-old family recipe, slaw and onions.

George and NASCAR engineer Josh Browne tailgate with their burgers in front of Brooks' Sandwich House.

Here, at the Diamond Restaurant in Charlotte, NC, they serve a delicious Southern-style burger topped with Pimento cheese.

Co-owner Andy Kastanas bought this beloved restaurant along with his partners in 2010 on the restaurant’s 65th anniversary.

At the Diamond Restaurant, the burgers are all named after racing engines, including the small block, the big block and the full-blown hemi.

George chats with customers at the Diamond Restaurant.

Duke's Grill in Monroe, NC, opened in 1951 and is a no-nonsense diner with a strict “no cellphone use” rule enforced by owner Dennis Parker.

Duke’s hand-measured burger comes with Dennis’s homemade beef chili, slaw and onions. He also mixes a little bit of egg and some breadcrumbs into the patty to keep it extra juicy.

George places an order with owner Dennis Parker at the counter of Duke's Grill.

George slides into the driver’s seat of a racecar at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Charlotte is a city filled not only with racing fanatics, but also 90% of NASCAR’s pro drivers.

Opened in 1955, Charlotte’s South 21 Drive-In comes complete with car stalls and an intercom system that has been there from the beginning.

George enjoys the jumbo cheeseburger at South 21 Drive-In.

South 21’s jumbo cheeseburger is comprised of 2 thin 3-ounce patties, with 2 slices of American cheese -- all held together with a sesame seed bun.

George chats with the owners of South 21, George and Maria Housiadas.

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