Burger Land: Houston, We Have a Burger Pictures

From a deep-fried creation to a patty with ground bacon in it, George travels around Houston for some of the city’s best burgers.
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George Motz poses on the Battleship TEXAS, the first battleship memorial museum in the United States.

George and local burger expert Robb Walsh eat burgers at Blake's BBQ & Burgers in Houston.

Since Blake's is a barbecue restaurant, their burger has a distinct smoky flavor, which pairs nicely with its butter-soaked, toasted bun.

George shakes hands with Don Blake, owner of Blake's BBQ & Burgers in Houston.

George and owner Steve Christian pose by the truck-bed counter at Christian's Tailgate in Houston.

The jalapeno bacon cheeseburger at Christian's Tailgate features a slow-cooked patty and deep-fried bacon.

Christian's Tailgate was an icehouse back in the days before refrigeration.

George dives into the jalapeno bacon cheeseburger at Christian's Tailgate.

George tries on his new cowboy hat at Cavender's Boot City in Houston.

Tookie's is located in Seabrook, TX, which was hit hard by Hurricane Ike in 2008. In fact, Tookie’s was forced to close and remained closed for 3 years until it was bought by a new owner.

George eats the “Squealer” at Tookie’s. With support from the community, the city council and the mayor himself, Tookie’s has been restored to its former glory.

The local favorite, the “Squealer,” is a secret recipe, but Tookie’s will tell you that it’s made with bacon ground right into the beef patty.

George eats an astronaut burger -- complete with a freeze-dried beef patty -- at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

George and Robb Walsh eat burgers at Stanton's City Bites in Houston. This convenience store doubles as a hamburger joint, and has been a hidden gem in the community for 50 years.

The bacon cheeseburger at Stanton's City Bites is served on a sweet, fluffy challah bun and has brisket ground into its beef patty.

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