Burger Land: Wisconsin’s Burger Belt Pictures

Extending from Madison to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Burger Belt – George Motz’s name for the region -- has its own unique burgers to offer.
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Photo By: George Motz

Photo By: George Motz

Photo By: George Motz

Photo By: George Motz

Photo By: George Motz

Photo By: George Motz

George Motz stops by Village Bar, a Madison Badgers fan favorite, for a tasty burger and a little community experience.

George sits with Wisconsin’s local burger expert, Todd McIlwee, at Village Bar in Madison.

Village Bar prides itself on its “brick burger,” which features thick slices of hand-cut cheddar cheese.

George visits a local dairy farm to see some of the cows that give the dairy state its name.

The family-owned Solly’s Grille has been serving up its infamous butter burger to Milwaukee locals for over 76 years.

George talks with the owner of Solly’s Grille, Glenn Fieber.

Solly's butter burger is exactly what it sounds like – butter and cheese are the only condiments here.

In a state renowned for its cheese, there are obviously some very good cheeseburgers to be found in Wisconsin.

George and the crew film outside Wedl's Hamburger Stand in Jefferson, WI, with the restaurant's patrons and employees.

George takes a break from burgers for a slice of cantaloupe with a dairy farmer.

These young dairy cows help maintain Wisconsin’s reputation for great cheese.

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