Dangerous Grounds: Bolivia Pictures

Todd searches for Bolivia’s coffee country while navigating hairpin turns on crumbling dirt roads and passing oncoming vehicles in single lanes overlooking 2,000-foot cliffs.
Episode: Bolivia

Todd Carmichael takes notes before setting out on his journey.

Todd Carmichael and handfuls of beans.

Filming in the Yungas, a stretch of forest in the Andes Mountains.

A memorial on Bolivia’s infamous Death Road.

Locals walking down street in the Yungas. The Yungas area includes parts of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina.

Todd gets behind the wheel.

Driving through a crumbling Yungas town. Yungas is Quechua -- a native South American language -- for "warm valley."

Dinner on the road.

Todd Carmichael sits with a Bolivian man and takes notes.

A little girl in a hut watches as Todd and his crew pass by.

Todd Carmichael on the homemade zip line that traverses a 1,000-foot ravine.

Todd Carmichael shakes hands with a monkey.

Todd Carmichael on a drawbridge in the Yungas.

Tents in the Yungas.

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