Dangerous Grounds: Colombia Pictures

During his journey to a country once known for violence, Todd drives dangerous mountain roads and visits veteran coffee farmers forced to live in shantytowns after being displaced.
Episode: Colombia
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In the city of Medellin, Plaza Botero is a must-see and is filled with sculptures by the artist Fernando Botero. Todd stops here to ponder where to begin his coffee hunt.

Todd rides a mule through Nabusimake, the spiritual center for the Arhuac people.

Todd looks out over the city of Medellin as he thinks about his next move.

Todd visits with displaced coffee farmers in Medellin, many of whom abandoned their land to escape fighting.

Todd eyes the hazardous terrain on his way up the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

On the way down from Nabusimake, the road washed out beneath Todd's truck and sent it rolling down an embankment where it hung up on a tree, stopping just short of a deep ravine.

Todd discusses the quality of this bean with the farmer who produced it.

A roadside stand sells breads, chorizo and other snacks.

Todd talks with an Arhuaco man about the coffee his people grow. The Arhuaco are an indigenous people of Colombia and guardians of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Todd tries to decide whether he should stay in southern Colombia or venture up north toward Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Todd among the thatched-roof huts of Nabusimake.

A group of Arhuaco watch as Todd and Hollywood travel though Nabusimake.

Hollywood gets a shot of Todd wandering through a burned-out building on an abandoned coffee farm.

Todd tries sancocho, a traditional stew of meat, root vegetables and whole corn on the cob.

With the Arhuaco’s blessing, Todd could be allowed to bring home some of the finest and most unique Colombian coffee available.

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