Dangerous Grounds: Ethiopia Pictures

Todd Carmichael seeks a new discovery in the birthplace of coffee, where he’ll need to avoid interference from the government, which controls most of the country's coffee. Easier said than done!
Episode: Ethiopia
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A crowded outdoor cafe in Jimma, the biggest city in southwestern Ethiopia, where coffee is roasted very dark and typically served with sugar.

Goats crowd the road out of Konso -- a common sight in rural Ethiopia where livestock outnumbers cars.

Todd stops to take in the arid landscape near the Omo Valley, hoping he hasn't made a mistake in leaving Yirga Chefe.

A group of children in Konso play with the crew's camera.

Todd surveys his options for the coffee hunt in Ethiopia, ultimately deciding to look for a tribal coffee in the town of Konso.

A handmade wooden wheelbarrow on the road to Konso.

Todd stands before a mountain of coffee at an Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) warehouse.

In Ethiopia, coffee is often served alongside a snack, such as popcorn or peanuts.

Todd hits a snag on the way to Jimma and stops to fix a flat.

A crowded cafe in Jimma, where locals typically drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee per sitting.

Local farmers snap cell phone pictures as they anxiously wait for Todd to taste their beans.

Todd sets up his field roaster to taste the Konso bean on the concrete bed of his hotel.

A woman puts a very dark roast on some beans at a cafe in Jimma.

Todd with a coffee plant he finds in what he calls the "Garden of Eden" of coffee.

The Dangerous Grounds crew with villagers from Konso.

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