Dangerous Grounds: Madagascar Pictures

Todd travels to an island 200 miles off the coast of Africa with impassable roads and ancient modes of transportation to find his rare and delicious treasure.
Episode: Madagascar

Todd tries a local brew in a Malagasy village.

A crowd gathers as Todd has an impromptu coffee tasting.

Todd waits by the train that will take him in the direction of Madagascar’s coffee country.

Todd rides to the Manampatrana Train Station.

Todd holds the flag of Madagascar.

A woman makes muffins in a Malagasy village.

A view of a Malagasy village.

Todd checks the map to make sure he’s on the right track.

Todd drives the truck into a marketplace.

Drivers of “pousse-pousse,” or rickshaws, offer rides to visitors.

Todd tastes the coffee while local kids gather around to watch.

The train stops at local village, and Todd’s cameraman, “Hollywood,” catches a shot.

Coffee beans are often dried in the sun.

Todd orders a dish he’s always wanted to try: Malagasy fruit bat.

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