Dangerous Grounds: Mayan Fortress Pictures

Todd Carmichael heads to Guatemala to source just the right coffee for a revolutionary brewing machine.
Episode: Mayan Fortress

Photo By: Picasa

Photo By: Picasa

Todd Carmichael talks with the owners of a coffee plantation in Guatemala. Will they let Todd in on the secret of how to get Guatemala’s best coffee beans out of the country?

This Steampunk coffee-brewing machine will revolutionize the way coffee is served in cafes. Todd has been tasked with finding the perfect coffee that will be used when this machine is demonstrated in Boston at the country’s biggest coffee convention, the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Todd talks with a local street hustler who says he can help Todd get safe passage through Guatemala by arranging a meeting with the chief and town elders of Chichicastenango.

Guatemala -- one of the world’s happiest countries -- has coffee beans that are famous for their orange-like smell and caramel flavor.

Todd gets his "protection," so he can safely travel through Guatemala, though it isn't the kind of protection he thought it would be.

Todd and his "good protection chicken” -- a gift from the tribe -- check the map.

Todd ditches the chicken, that he named Roberta, and gets a ride up towards La Perle's entrance, but the driver won't take him all of the way, in fear of the guards.

Workers inspect coffee beans before they are roasted at La Perle coffee plantation.

La Perle is by far one of the biggest coffee plantations in the world, and encompasses a number of towns.

Todd tastes the coffee he found in Guatemala. Will it have the sweet, caramel taste he’s looking for?

Back in Boston, Todd demonstrates the Steampunk machine with the coffee he has found in Guatemala. But will it impress discerning coffee connoisseurs from around the country?

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