Dangerous Grounds: Monsoon Moonshine Pictures

On the brink of releasing a coffee-infused rum to the public, Todd Carmichael needs to find a rare aged coffee in India or risk losing his investment.

Todd Carmichael is on a treasure hunt in southern India. He’s staked a half a million dollars on a new rum-making venture, and he needs Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee beans to finish his moonshine.

A beautifully adorned cow roams the streets of India. In Hinduism, cows are considered sacred because of their gentle nature.

Todd searches the streets of Mumbai for a possible coffee connection.

An expansive view of the humid Mumbai cityscape. In this country of 1.2 billion people, can Todd find the one coffee farmer he needs?

Todd makes a business deal for a new set of wheels.

Todd prepares his motorcycle for its journey across the river.

Sitting among members of the Underground Coffee Society -- a café in Mumbai -- Todd explains his need for Monsoon Malabar coffee.

The German, the only coffee farmer in India who might have the coffee Todd needs, explains the difficulties of sourcing a large amount of Monsoon Malabar in such a short period of time.

Todd and The German weigh some rare Monsoon Malabar beans.

Todd is fully engrossed in the rum distilling process.

Todd examines his Monsoon Malabar-infused rum.

Todd offers Hollywood a hard-earned glass of rum after their trek through India!

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