Dangerous Grounds: Papua New Guinea Pictures

On the hunt for a rare blue mountain coffee known for its cocoa flavor in Papua New Guinea, Todd travels the infamous Highlands Highway, known for hijackings, murders and fatal potholes.
Episode: Papua New Guinea
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Todd begins the coffee hunt on Goroka's main drag.

Todd bids farewell to the flight crew at Kabwum's landing strip.

Locals in Goroka watch as Todd tries to figure out where to find his next big purchase.

Todd waits to board a PMV, or a truck that has been refitted for public transportation, with several local children.

The PMV trucks are often dangerously overloaded with both people and cargo.

Todd likes what he sees in Iloko, a town in Papua New Guinea.

Todd inspects dried coffee beans in Kezzvah as the villagers watch.

A roadside warehouse with bags of processed coffee, much of which could rot before it gets to market due to a lack of transportation.

The entire village waits for Todd to brew a cup of their coffee.

Todd's field roaster turns over a fire in the village of Iloko in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea.

A vendor cooks sausages in hot oil.

Todd and a Barola villager share a snack while the rest prepare for a “mumu,” a traditional way of cooking in Papua New Guinea that involves building an in-ground fire pit.

Hollywood sets up a time-lapse shot of the Busu River outside of Lae, the second-largest city in Papua New Guinea.

Todd admires the fruits of the Iloko farmers' labor.

Kids celebrate after hearing Todd's verdict on their village's coffee.

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