Dangerous Grounds: War Gin Pictures

Go behind the scenes as Todd Carmichael travels to Uganda in search of a high-end coffee bean for potential clients Dean & DeLuca to support a charity close to Todd’s heart.
Episode: War Gin

Todd Carmichael has tried many times to get coffee out of Uganda, but he has never been successful. A violent and bloody past has left the people paranoid and distrustful of outsiders, frequently ripping them off or even outright robbing them.

Todd’s journey starts in the slums of Kampala, Uganda, where he meets up with Romans, a long-time friend. Romans runs the Trinity School, a place for children to get a free education. Tragically, arsonists have recently burned down the boy’s dormitory.

Todd makes his way through a crowded market in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala.

A glimpse of the market in Kampala where grains are displayed in sacks for sale.

Todd takes in the view at the source of the Nile River.

A coffee processing plant in Uganda sorts and cleans robusta coffee beans, which produce a bold-tasting coffee. Robusta coffee grows in the wild in the Kibale area, full of lush evergreen rainforest.

Todd meets with the kids at the Trinity School. Many of the students there are orphans, so they also live at the school.

Todd hopes that he can seal a deal with Dean & DeLuca stores to help fund the rebuilding of the boy’s dormitory at the Trinity Children's Center in Kampala.

Todd takes a time out from his coffee search to get some good fortune from this little guy's lucky branch.

Once outside these streets of Kampala, Todd goes to extreme lengths to get the coffee he needs to help the Trinity School, from drinking homemade liquor known as “war gin,” to sealing an ancient blood pact in a country known for its high rate of HIV.

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