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Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life

Acclaimed director Eli Roth presents true stories of hauntings that have shattered the lives of the people who have experienced them. Equal parts terrifying and evocative, Roth exposes the real-life horror of paranormal survivors dragged to hell and back.


A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth

Hosted by Eli Roth, the "A Ghost Ruined My Life" podcast delves into the terrifying real-life stories of confrontations with ghosts, demons, dark entities, and poltergeists. These are the first-person accounts of people dragged through hell and back.

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About Eli Roth

Award-winning filmmaker Eli Roth most recently wrapped production on the highly anticipated film “Borderlands,” starring Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Jamie Lee Curtis. It will be released by Lionsgate in 2022.

Roth made his directorial debut in 2002, with the hugely successful film “Cabin Fever”. His follow-up titles, which include “Hostel,” “Hostel Part II,” “Knock Knock” and “Death Wish” have earned him critical praise and a reputation as a true innovator in the horror space. In front of the camera. Roth is best known for appearing as Sgt. Donnie Donowitz, the bat-swinging "Bear Jew," in Quentin Tarantino’s epic “Inglourious Basterds,” for which he won a Screen Actors Guild award. Additionally, he appeared in [AW1] Tarantino’s “Death Proof.”

Roth successfully pivoted to family fare hosting Discovery Channel’s popular “Shark Week” and its late-night talk show, “Shark After Dark, and directing the 2018 fantasy comedy “The House With The Clock In Its Walls,” starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett.

In television, Roth hosts and produces the tremendously successful AMC series and podcast “Eli Roth’s History of Horror,” which was just renewed for its third season. He also hosts and produces the discovery+ series “Eli Roth: A Ghost Ruined My Life” and serves as producer on “The Haunted Museum,” which have both been renewed for a second season.

“FIN,” Roth’s first documentary, is a passion project he made over the past five years after becoming aware of the animals’ plight during his time hosting “Shark Week.” Roth works with several animal charity organizations, including PETA, for which he has been an outspoken public figure against animal abuse.

About the show

Acclaimed director Eli Roth presents shocking true stories of hauntings that have left emotional and sometimes physical scars on those unlucky enough to have experienced them. Equal parts terrifying and evocative, Roth exposes the real-life horror of paranormal survivors dragged through hell and back as they struggle to rebuild their shattered lives.


Season 1, Episode 4

Demon’s Curse

Claudia is a Mexican-American woman pursuing the American dream as she attends college. But when her grandmother dies, a demonic entity begins to attack her, and she learns the truth behind the evil that has been stalking her family for generations.

Dec 16
9am | 8c
Season 1, Episode 1

Dark Entity

Candice is living an idyllic life with her wife and child until their world is shattered by a sudden death. An evil entity inexplicably latches itself onto her at the funeral, and it invades not only her home but also her mind.

Dec 16
10am | 9c
Season 1, Episode 3

Portal to Hell

When Shannon and her young son rent an old house in the country, she quickly senses there is a spirit residing in the home. But as time goes on, she realizes the house is filled with ghosts -- and not all of them are friendly.

Dec 16
11am | 10c
Season 1, Episode 7

War With the Dead

While stationed in Iraq, Matt unknowingly awakens an ancient evil on an old air base. He is soon tormented by gruesome visions of the dead and is stalked by a shadow demon. When he returns stateside, Matt hopes his nightmare is over. He's wrong.

Dec 16
12pm | 11c
Season 1, Episode 6

The Hell Hound

After a near-death experience, Doug escapes to the country for a fresh start. But he finds no peace. Terrifying voices and horrific visions taunt him. As he seeks answers to the escalating torment, he learns a dark truth: Death doesn't like to be cheated.

Dec 16
1pm | 12c
Season 1, Episode 5

Invitation to Evil

Upon hearing that her friend's home shelters the spirit of a lonely woman, Shiann innocently invites it to become friends with her. Little does the teen know the ghost has a jealous streak that turns violent when it doesn’t get the attention it craves.

Dec 16
2pm | 1c
Season 1, Episode 8

The White Lady

Amber is enthralled by an antique vanity she purchased -- until her daughter makes a new imaginary friend and strange things begin to happen around the house. Amber realizes the ghostly playmate wants her child, and it will stop at nothing to get her.

Dec 16
3pm | 2c