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An elite team of Sasquatch specialists journey into the unforgiving Oregon wilderness in search of Bigfoot. The three-week expedition, based on science and expertise, may finally pull the elusive beast out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality.

Expedition Bigfoot Recaps

Expedition Bigfoot Recap - The Final Hours

In this episode of Expedition Bigfoot, the team searches an abandoned mine shaft as they close out the expedition.

About the Hosts

Expedition Bigfoot Team

With a unique blend of expertise, the 'Expedition Bigfoot' team – including Bryce Johnson, Dr. Mireya Mayor, Russell Acord, Ronny LeBlanc, and Ryan “RPG” Golembeske – may finally take one of the world’s greatest mysteries out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality. Get to know them all before this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime expedition.

Have You Seen Bigfoot?

The 8 Best Places to See Bigfoot Right Now

For the first time ever, Travel Channel reveals the eight best places to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot using never-before-released data from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).

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Expedition Bigfoot - Video Highlights

Mistaken Bear

A witness has photo evidence to prove he might have seen something else.

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