6 Things ‘Expedition Bigfoot’ Taught Us About The Most Elusive Cryptid

Cryptozoologists are constantly learning new things as they pursue the elusive forest creature.

Primatologist Mireya Mayor on a hunt for Bigfoot.

Primatologist Mireya Mayor

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. [screenshot from TRVL's Expedition Bigfoot]

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. [screenshot from TRVL's Expedition Bigfoot]

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While there are plenty of things we don’t know about Bigfoot, researchers have real-life experience with unexpected Bigfoot behaviors.

Bigfoot Can Track You

Bigfoot investigators have spent centuries looking for the ape-like creature, but as the Expedition Bigfoot team learns during a trip to the Olympic Peninsula, Bigfoot can also look for them. During their investigation, team member Bryce Johnson finds himself drawn down a natural forest corridor and then catches a glimpse of eyes staring back at him from the treeline.

Bigfoot Throws Rocks To Warn You Off

Investigators who get too close to a Bigfoot nest have reported being hit by rocks. The sound of thrown rocks in the forest is also a common occurrence. One night, as the Expedition Bigfoot crew tracks a Bigfoot, they begin to hear rocks falling into nearby water. When they decide to set up a trail cam, the rocks begin falling with bigger, louder intensity as a Bigfoot tries to wave them off from coming any closer.

Bigfoot Whistles

While Bigfoot is believed to issue whoops and growls to communicate, the large cryptid can also whistle. During an overnight hunt, primatologist Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot researcher Ronny LeBlanc camped out along the water where they’d previously seen a strange shadow figure. As they settled in, they heard a loud, shrill whistle coming from the exact spot where they’d seen the shadow figure.

Like Other Large Primates, Bigfoot Climbs Trees

After their motion-activated infrared lights are activated, Mayor and LeBlanc look for tracks and broken vegetation in the area, but the forest floor appears undisturbed. Mayor, a primatologist, notes that even 500-lb gorillas can climb trees and travel through the forest via the branches.

A Bigfoot Smells Terrible

Bigfoot hunters have often noted that the creature smells pungent and earthy or even like something rotten and decomposing. During an overnight hike on a narrow forest trail, Expedition Bigfoot team lead Russ McCord hears twigs snapping on the trail ahead of him. As he speeds up to see what’s in the darkness with him, he encounters a thick fog of Bigfoot stench.

Bigfoot Is An Architect

One of the tell-tale signs of Bigfoot activity is the strange tree branch structures the creature seems to leave behind. Sometimes, the structures are clearly a nest or a den. Other times, Bigfoot appears to arrange branches so they’ll trip any investigators who may be getting too close. While searching for Bigfoot on the Olympic Peninsula, the Expedition Bigfoot team encounters a series of strange tree structures that appear to be telling them, “do not enter.”

Learn more on Expedition Bigfoot available now on discovery+. New episodes are released every Sunday.

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