Go Behind the Investigation of 'Expedition Bigfoot'

See how the investigation for the elusive Bigfoot unfolded in the unforgiving Oregon wilderness.

December 10, 2019
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The Team Receives New Coordinates

Primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor, along with author and bigfoot researcher, Russell Acord, meet with fellow team member Bryce Johnson in the Oregon wilderness to determine where they should begin their investigation.

Bring the Drone for an Aerial View

The Expedition Bigfoot team is joined by experts from PrecisionHawk, one of the world's leading drone companies, to launch a LIDAR-equipped drone to survey their surroundings, in hopes of locating Bigfoot.

A Bigfoot Witness

To get a better sense of what an encounter with bigfoot is truly like, the team interviews Bryan Zemp, who had a startling encounter with the creature when he was young.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Operations expert Bryce Johnson meets with Ian Gallimore of CTSI who has just created what he calls "Dragon Eggs," which are audio devices using state-of-the-art technology to receive and track sounds ... hopefully that of Bigfoot.

Sasquatch Vocalizations

Dr. Mayor plays recorded bigfoot vocalizations into the woods at dusk while sound experts stand nearby monitoring for any significant audio pick-ups by the "Dragon Eggs."

A Possible Bigfoot Nest?

Researcher Ronny Le Blanc joins Dr. Mayor in the search for a possible sasquatch nesting site that was spotted the night before. Could this evidence lead the team closer to finding Bigfoot?

A Bigfoot Marker is Found

Russell Acord comes across a suspiciously bent tree. The fact that the trunk isn't snapped, but rather bent down, is a sign that wind or lightning didn't do this, but rather something large and powerful. Adding to the intrigue is that bent trees are extremely common in bigfoot hotspots, leading many to believe that it's some form of territorial marker or way of communication between sasquatch.

Hair Samples

After discovering suspicious strands of hair, Bryce Johnson meets up with primate expert and professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, to examine the samples.

Trail Cameras Are Installed to Catch Movement

Russell Acord uses his previous military experience to install trail cameras near a water source. The cameras are activated by movement and the team will be alerted if anything (Bigfoot?) triggers the camera.

A Shocking Discovery

Dr. Mayor uses a 3D Image Scanner to capture a possible bigfoot footprint left in the dirt. The scanner will allow the team to recreate a 3D computer image of the footprint, which can then be examined.

A Bigfoot Vocalization?

After Dr. Mayor records a possible bigfoot howl, the team enlists the help of sound expert Derek Vanderhorst to study the vocalization and its possible origin.

Experimenting With Aerial Cameras

Russell Acord attaches an Eye Trax camera high in the canopy of a tree, overlooking an area where the team has left a "gift" for bigfoot in hopes of luring the creature into the camera's range.

Bigfoot Leaves Something Behind

Dr. Mayor and Ronny Le Blanc are shocked to find that Bigfoot may have actually left something for the team. The item will be inspected for fingerprints and any possible DNA samples.

Shocking Evidence

Items left behind weren't the only shocking pieces of evidence to come from the team's experiment. The heat-sensing cameras they had installed also captured something compelling.

New Evidence

After the team captured the thermal video, there was no better person to examine the footage than Bob Gimlin, who rose to fame after filming the most compelling video evidence of bigfoot to date, the Patterson-Gimlin film, which he shot with his friend, Roger Patterson, back in 1967, just 38 miles south of the Oregon border.

Enlisting the Help of a World-Renowned Primatologist

As evidence grows that the thermal video could very well be a sasquatch, the team reaches out to world-renowned primatologist Dr. Russell Mittermeier, who has been recognized by TIME magazine and has, to date, discovered 18 new species.

Something Strange Rests at the Bottom of a Pond

Russell Acord deploys a remote Deep Trekker submarine to find out what's hiding beneath the murky waters of a stagnant pond. It could be evidence that this is a water source for sasquatch.

Where to Next?

The Expedition Bigfoot team receives the coordinates to their next and final location, where they will have their greatest chance of having a Bigfoot encounter. They also receive news that a new piece of cutting edge equipment is on its way to help with the search.