Expedition Unknown: Captain Morgan Pictures

Josh joins a team of archaeologists in Panama as they search for the Satisfaction , the sunken flagship of infamous pirate Captain Morgan.

Sailing Down Chagres River

On Travel Channel's Expedition Unknown, host Josh Gates stands on a canoe during his journey down the Chagres River in Panama while retracing the steps of Captain Morgan. The twice-dammed river is the largest in the Panama Canal watershed.


Portobelo was founded in 1597 and reportedly named by Christopher Columbus. Its fort was destroyed in the mid-18th century, during the War of Jenkins’ Ear.

Meeting With the Embera

While in the village of the local Embera Indians in Panama, Josh stops to get a ceremonial tattoo before continuing his journey.

Panama Canal Railway

When you want to get from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean quickly in Panama, take the famous Panama Canal Railway, which runs alongside the enormous canal.

Miraflores Locks

Josh poses on the Miraflores Locks as a cargo ship passes through the Panama Canal. Miraflores is 1 of 3 locks on the waterway.

Lajas Reef

Josh and underwater archaeologist Fritz Hanselmann discuss the possibility of Captain Morgan's flagship being on the floor of the Lajas Reef in Panama.

Searching the Seafloor

Joined by Fritz, Josh searches the seafloor of the Lajas Reef in Panama in hopes of finding clues to the wreckage of Captain Morgan's Satisfaction.

Rising to the Surface

After spending a few hours searching the seafloor for clues, Josh and Fritz rise to the surface to regroup.

Panama Viejo

The former capital of Panama, Panama Viejo is the oldest part of the city and was very important to Captain Morgan’s raid.

Transporting a Treasure Chest

Josh helps Fritz's team transport the chest they found in a shipwreck on the seafloor, which they hope holds clues to the whereabouts of Captain Morgan’s lost flagship.

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