Expedition Unknown: Code to Gold Pictures

Josh scours the Virginia backcountry in search of the legendary Thomas Beale treasure, which would be worth millions today.
Episode: Code to Gold

Ready to Fly

Josh stands with treasure hunter Mike Evans in front of a small prop plane that will take them high above the forests of Bedford, VA, where they hope to locate the hidden Beale treasure. It’s said that sometime between 1819 and 1821, Thomas Jefferson Beale buried a treasure somewhere near present-day Bedford County.

The Grand Masonic Temple

The Grand Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, where, in his search for the Beale treasure, Josh learns about James Ward and his Masonic past. It’s believed by some that Beale never really existed and in actuality was Ward.

Looking for Artifacts

Josh strolls through a museum looking at artifacts from America’s Founding Fathers as he tries to validate the Beale treasure.

National Cryptologic Museum

Josh heads to the National Cryptologic Museum in Annapolis Junction, MD, to learn about ciphers and cipher technology from the 1500s to the present.

Breaking the Code

Josh attempts to break a code at the cryptology museum, much like treasure hunters did with the Beale ciphers from the 1800s.

Beale Papers Pamphlet

The cover of an original copy of the Beale Papers pamphlet on display at the Bedford Museum in Virginia. The pamphlet was published in the 19th century and contains 3 numerical ciphers, which supposedly reveal the location of Thomas Beale's hidden treasure.

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is said to be the key to solving the second cipher in the Beale Papers, which provides a description of the treasure.

Cipher No. 3

A look at an original copy of Cipher No. 3 in the Beale Papers, which, once decoded, will list the names, residences and next of kin of the treasure’s owners.

Talking National Security

Josh speaks with Todd Mateer, a cryptanalyst from the National Security Agency who developed a program to analyze the Beale ciphers.

Catawba Murder Hole Map

Josh goes with Beale treasure hunter Justin Cannady deep into the Catawba Murder Hole in search of relics and treasures.

Rappelling in Virginia

Josh is seen rappelling deep into the cave in the forests of Virginia in his search for the buried treasure described in the Beale Papers.

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