Expedition Unknown: Legend of Jesse James Pictures

Josh journeys across the Midwest in search of the legendary golden loot of famed American outlaw Jesse James.

The Legend of Jesse James

Travel Channel's Expedition Unknown delves into the myths and legends of Jesse James’ infamous gang and its lost gold bullion.

Buzzard's Roost

In an attempt to recover some of Jesse James’ lost gold, host Josh Gates tries out some high-tech treasure hunting with Jamie Dodson outside Buzzard's Roost in Oklahoma.

Mother's Grave

The grave of legendary American outlaw Jesse James' mother is right outside his childhood home.

Popular Treasure-Hunting Location

As the sun sets over Buzzard’s Roost, a popular treasure-hunting location, Josh believes the surrounding fields may hold the final clues to the location of Jesse James' lost treasure.

Robbers Cave State Park

Beautiful Robbers Cave served as a refuge for many famous outlaws, including Jesse James and Belle Starr.

Horseshoe Carving

Josh and Bud Hardcastle find a carving of a horseshoe and an arrow on a rock in Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma. It’s possible that this symbol provides directions to Jesse James' lost treasure.

Traveling Like Jesse James

Josh hops on a burro in an attempt to re-create the ride Jesse James and his gang went on through the forests of Springfield, MO, traveling more than 800 miles on burros strapped with gold.

Authentic 19th-Century Guns

A look at Bryan Ivlow's collection of authentic 19th-century guns. These are the kinds of firearms Jesse James and his crew used at the height of their crime sprees.

Smile for the Camera

Josh poses with a group of cowboy re-enactors after testing a Jesse James gun myth.

Meeting the Comanche Leader

After traveling to the Comanche reservation, Josh speaks with tribal leader Samuel E.D. Vinney about Jesse James' interactions with the tribe.

Authentic Drum Circle

Upon Josh’s arrival, the Comanche reservation hosts an authentic drum circle.

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