Expedition Unknown: Sword of Power Pictures

Josh searches through various ancient shrines in Japan looking for the mystical Honjo Masamune sword.

Matsumoto Castle

A look at the beautiful and majestic Matsumoto Castle in Japan, where Josh is searching for the Honjo Masamune sword.

Authentic Masamune Sword

Josh admires an authentic Masamune-made sword at the home of an antique sword collector in Japan. Masamune is widely regarded as one of Japan’s best swordmakers.

‪Senso-ji Buddhist Shrine

A unique look at the ‪Senso-ji Buddhist shrine in Tokyo. Built to honor the goddess of mercy, Senso-ji is Tokyo’s oldest temple.

Japanese Macaques

These monkeys, called Japanese macaques, thrive high up in the snowy mountains of Nagano, Japan, by lounging in volcanic hot springs that help mitigate the cold.

Shrine on Mount Togakushi

While in Japan to search for the legendary Honjo Masamune sword, Josh treks up to the shrine on Mount Togakushi, where the sword may be residing.

Samurai Sparring

Josh's sensei and his student spar for Josh so he can learn the ways of the samurai.

Japanese Cemetery

A look at a serene, beautiful, ancient Japanese cemetery in Tokyo.

Robot Restaurant

Josh takes viewers to many exotic — and unique — locales, including this "robot bar" in Tokyo.

DJ Josh Gates

While at the robot bar, Josh poses with the robot DJ as he gets into the spirit of the night.

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