Expedition Unknown: Secrets of the Nazca Pictures

Josh flies to Peru to investigate the giant geoglyphs drawn into earth by ancient Nazca tribes.

Nazca Desert

Josh Gates stands with a Nazca expert named Mario, who teaches him how to make his own Nazca Line in the Peruvian desert. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Nazca Desert is covered in ancient works of art etched into the sand, called geoglyphs.

Cahuachi Temple

One of several temples in Cahuachi, which acts as a Nazca religious site in the middle of the desert and offers breathtaking views of the vast surroundings.

Trophy Heads

A look at trophy heads in the Paracas History Museum in Peru — the perfect place to learn more about the mysterious people who may have created the Nazca Lines.

Paracas Artifacts

A look at several rare artifacts of the Paracas people.

Riding Around the Desert

Josh hops on an ATV in the Peruvian desert as he follows a lead that the Nazca Lines point to water.

Chauchilla Cemetery

A look at an authentic tomb at the Chauchilla Cemetery in Nazca, which is known for its mummified skeletons and burial arrangement.

Nazca Aqueducts

The so-called ojos provide access to the aqueducts that were handmade by the Nazca people, which are dug deep into the desert in order to filter fresh water.

Desert Vistas

A picturesque view of the gorgeous landscape in the Peruvian desert.

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