Expedition Unknown: Viking Sunstone Pictures

Josh travels to England and Norway to unlock the secrets of the Viking sunstone, a mystic crystal the Vikings used to conquer the seas.
Episode: Viking Sunstone

Looking Out Over Norway

Josh takes in the view from atop Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, while he searches for the mythical Viking sunstone.

Nidaros Cathedral

This is the glorious Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. The cathedral is said to be the final resting place of Viking King St. Olaf, who is rumored to have a treasured sunstone buried with him.

Inside Nidaros Cathedral

Josh stands in front of the beautiful, gothic architecture, Nidaros Cathedral.

Sampling the Local Cuisine

Before embarking on his quest for the elusive Viking sunstone, Josh sits in a small diner to sample Norway’s local cuisine and wine.

Searching Catacombs

Josh and church official Ingrid Tesli search the catacombs under Nidaros Cathedral for the unmarked tomb of King Olaf.

Authentic Viking Hall

During his journey across Norway, Josh stops at Migrad, an authentic Viking hall. People welcomed him with open arms on his quest to find a Viking sunstone.

Feeling Like a Viking

Josh is decked out in full Viking garb -- along with his companion craftsman Gyra -- as he gets ready to climb aboard an authentic Viking vessel in Oslo, Norway.

Osseburg Viking Ship

Located inside the Viking Museum in Oslo, Norway, the Osseburg Viking ship was discovered completely intact. These vessels carried the Vikings across the Atlantic and throughout Europe.

Looking for Calcite Crystals

Josh and his guide, Christian Berg, repel deep into an abandoned mine in Kongsberg, Norway, in search of calcite crystal to test the sunstone myth.

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