Newmar King, Continental and EarthRoamer Pictures

Newmar designs their most extravagant coach ever, while Forks RV builds a 43-foot-long custom trailer and Colorado engineer Bill Swails creates the first self-sufficient, off-road expedition vehicle.

A look at the exterior of the completed Newmar King Aire RV, the most expensive coach they have built to date, which the designers and engineers have customized for a stock car race fan.

Called the "Father of Power Slide-Outs," Newmar's founder Mahlon Miller has been inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame for inventing the first motorized slide-out room in 1990.

The final result of the Newmar King Aire RV is a stunning coach that is appropriately priced at more than $800,000.

Colorado engineer Bill Swails creates the first self-sufficient, off-road expedition vehicle, the EarthRoamer.

Swails calls his creation an XV, an "expedition vehicle," rather than an RV or "recreational vehicle," because he has eliminated dependence upon the external electrical water and sewer hookups of typical RVs.

The sleeping quarters of the Earthroamer XV-LTS, which was built on the chassis of a Ford F-550.

An exterior look at a Forks RV, a small company that specializes in premium custom fifth-wheel towable coaches that are designed to accommodate the full-time live-in user.

Forks Continental Coach shows off their custom, hand-built "Continental" coach designed for a Missouri couple that is planning to make it their permanent vacation home on a beach in Key West, FL.

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