Food Paradise: Hot Dog Paradise 2 Pictures

From a chili-dog feud in Detroit to the deep-fried “Home Wrecker” in West Virginia, dig into this super-sized serving of the country's hottest dogs.
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Smother the dog with sauce, top it with chopped onions and mustard, and slap it on a freshly-steamed bun, and you’ve got “The Works” at Newest Lunch in Schenectady, NY.

Here in upstate New York at Newest Lunch, these sauce-covered dogs are called "Michigans," and just like their Coney Island cousin in the Great Lakes state, their meaty topping is what makes these dogs so delicious.

While ketchup is a common compliment to hot dogs and French fries, it's one condiment that is permanently banned from Gene and Jude's in Chicago, IL.

With such a diverse range of flavors, Doggie Style in Alameda, CA has many regulars eager to try every crazy combination on the menu.

The paper hat and white apron the cooks wear at American Coney Island in Detroit, MI, play a special part in continuing their old-fashioned tradition.

From the black and white tile floor to the red, white and blue pennants on the walls, American Coney Island has an old-fashioned and patriotic charm.

Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit, MI, sits several steps to the west of American Coney Island, giving customers a constant source of debate: Who makes the better chili dog?

Chef Keith’s background in gourmet cooking comes through in the unique ways he dresses up his pups at Hot Diggity in Philadelphia, PA.

The Philly Surf and Turf Dog at Hot Diggity pays homage to an old Philadelphia classic by wrapping the entire dog in a deep fried fishcake and then topping it with pepper hash.

Customers at Hot Diggity dine in the presence of local artwork from Philly-based artist Hawk Krall, who came up with original paintings that portray the menu selections in wiener-wonderful ways.

If making choices isn't your strong suit, then let someone else choose from one of 17 dipping sauces at Hot Diggity on your behalf.

Despite all the innovative and creative dogs that span the culinary spectrum, Hot Diggity's version of the traditional Chicago dog remains a favorite among locals.

With a menu featuring 21 creative combinations, it can be quite a challenge choosing your hot dog at La Perrada de Edgar in Miami.

La Parrada customers can choose links from Latin American countries like Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil, all brimming with traditional toppings.

Nestled on the east side of the Ohio River, in the town of Lesage, WV, Hillbilly Hot Dogs is truly a backwoods culinary adventure.

If you’re looking for something under 3 1/2 pounds, try the egg dog, taco dog, pepperoni dog, junkyard dog, buckeye dog or nacho dog from Hillbilly Hot Dogs.

Hillbilly Hot Dogs signature dog, the Home Wrecker, is 15 inches long, 2 inches in diameter and smothered with 12 towering toppings.

The kitchen at the Whistle Pig in Niagara Falls, NY, has been cooking up delicious dogs since 1939.

Determined to preserve the local landmark they loved as kids, the Whistle Pig’s owners, Tim Shiah and Dave Bruno, gave the joint a nice, new polish, but kept the mom-and-pop vibe by bringing back the kiddy carnival rides, classic car night and opening an ice cream parlor next door.

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